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Saratoga Springs, New York

Phone: 888-530-3669

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Description:New Solutions for the Healthcare Providers.

MedCom services operate as an extension of the medical front-office.

MedCom is a service provided exclusively for the healthcare community and allows practices to offload front-office functions to focus on patients in the office.

Extending the front-office through MedCom results in a reduction in practice costs, the ability to handle higher volumes with the same staff, and the flexibility to accommodate requests 24/7 through various communications channels - ultimately allowing practices to deliver better service to patients.

MedCom, the most cost-effective tool in the front office when faced with staffing shortages and peaks in volume, during the day or after hours.

Telefonica US: MedCom Parent Company 'The six Largest Communications Company in the World.

MedCom is a healthcare services company dedicated to strengthening provider/patient interaction, enhanced through the use of information and communication technologies. Founded in 1973, MedCom provides solutions to meet the administrative, communication and/or information needs of more than 700,000 physicians nationwide.

MedCom operates an Interaction Center that handles over 85% of the calls that would otherwise come directly to practices. Patients can choose among a wide range of communication options, including Internet, e-mail, fax, automated phone systems, mail/paper and call center allowing physicians and patients to conveniently accomplish their tasks at any time. This infrastructure can extend directly into the physician practice, providing a complete management system for the practices as well as coupling to MedCom services.

RX Renewal, After Hours, Deidcated Overflow, Practice Profile, Outbound Communication, Patient Web Messaging

What makes MedCom different from other companies that offer front office services?

MedCom services operate as an extension of the medical front-office.

MedCom is different by offering full front staffing solutions for medical practices experiencing shortages in the front-office.

MedCom ONLY answers to the Medical professionals!

How does MedCom help a patient communicate with their physician?

MedCom enables patients to communicate with their physician in the manner which is most convenient for them, including by phone or through the web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To contact a provider's office by phone, patients simply dial the office phone number. MedCom representatives will answer the call as instructed by the practice, and follow established practice protocols.

With MedCom, patients also have the option of communicating with their provider's office through secure web messaging. The patient completes a structured template that insures the availability of the information necessary for the practice to efficiently respond to the patient.

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